Collier County 4-H Association  is an independent local 501(c)3 organization that supports positive youth development by providing financial assistance to the wide variety of clubs and educational programs within Collier County 4-H.

Collier County 4-H and Collier County 4-H Association are separate organizations. Collier County 4-H is part of the statewide and nationwide network of 4-H Youth Development Organizations. 

4-H uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, productive citizens.  This mission is accomplished by creating safe and inclusive learning environments, involving caring adults, and utilizing the expertise and resources of the University of Florida and the nationwide land grant university system.

We are “Championing Collier County 4-H!”

Our History

History of Collier County 4-H Association

In 1978, the Collier County 4-H Foundation was created to help fund the activities of Collier County 4-H and to fund local outreach coordinators. As part of a national reorganization of 4-H in 2012, the Foundation became the Collier County 4-H Association. The goal of the organization did not change. Our role is still to provide financial support and guidance to help Collier County 4-H offer a wide variety of educational and leadership opportunities to thousands of young people in our community each year.

All local 4-H programs are run by Collier County 4-H.

About 4-H

With its beginnings in after-school agricultural clubs in the early 1900s, 4-H is still deeply connected to agriculture. But throughout its history, the organization has always worked to meet the ever-changing needs of youth.

According to 4-h.org, “Today, 4‑H serves youth in rural, urban, and suburban communities in every state across the nation. 4‑H’ers are tackling the nation’s top issues, from global food security, climate change and sustainable energy to childhood obesity and food safety.  4‑H out-of-school programming, in-school enrichment programs, clubs and camps also offer a wide variety of STEM opportunities – from agricultural and animal sciences to rocketry, robotics, environmental protection and computer science – to improve the nation’s ability to compete in key scientific fields and take on the leading challenges of the 21st century.”

In Collier County, 4-H is teaching young people how to build and program robots, create maps using drones, and become leaders through a wide variety of other experiences. More than 7000 local youth participate in Collier County 4-H programs each year.

About Us

Collier County 4-H Association is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to the various clubs and educational programs of Collier County 4-H. The Association members are deeply committed to the mission of 4-H.

The goal of 4-H is to develop the citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach.

Collier County 4-H Association and Collier County 4-H are separate entities. Collier County 4-H Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, raises funds, which it distributes to Collier County 4-H for specific programs and initiatives.

More than 7000 young people take part in a wide variety of Collier County 4-H programs each year.